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Croatia is not only an attractive travel destination, it is also suitable destination for medical tourism which is more and more popular and well-known.

One of the successful examples of globally growing tourism is dental tourism and we can say with certainty that is the future for the medical tourism in Croatia. Its history is not long and  it is one of the new selective form of toruism that was made for the treatment of certain dental problems in one special and new release. Becauce of good prices and high quality of dental services, Croatia was recognized as a desirable destination for professional and specialized dental treatments, especially for implant services. Croatia is visited every year by an increasing number of foreign citizens to improve or incorporate their teeth for much cheaper price.

The professional hands of our dentist can replace your teeth within 24 hours. Most patients come from neigboring countries such as Italy, Slovenia or Austria and generally stay one, two or more nights, depending of the procedure and they returned if they need. Of course, accommodation is include for all patients what also allows sightseeing destination during the treatment. The main reason why to choose dental travel and treatment in Croatia is avoiding long-term waiting lists of individual patient. The technology used in polyclinics is at high global level and, the most important, many dentists are educated abroad and become internationally recognized experts. If you want to return your beautiful smile, contact us and we are sure you will not regret it!